The Blueskins | RUG161 | Released: 08/06/03

Image: Blueskins Cover Art

This is is the debut single form The Blueskins, produced in Wales by former Spacemen 3 collaborator Richard Formby, and ready to set the world on fire. The 7" comes with 4 different sleeve designs so anyone who orders 4 copies will be sent all 4 variations. (If you order only 1 copy you will receive a randomly chosen cover unless you have a preference, in which case please send an email to


Image: Blueskins Cover Art

RUG161 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. User Friendly
  • Side B
    01. Give Me Your Hand
  • 02. Blue Sneakers

Image: Blueskins Cover Art

RUG161CD | Out now

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  • 01. User Friendly
  • 02. Give Me Your Hand
  • 03. Blue Sneakers