Clinic | RUG179 | Released: 11/07/04

Image: Clinic - The Magician

'The Magician' is the story of one person's recovery after 11 years in the wilderness, to become a professional magician. It's enhanced with marimba and harsh fuzztones. Erasmus Benedict, Tape Op. Clinic have a sense of humour so black they make 'Psycho' look like a horror film. Perhaps that's why Clinic are certain that they've just made their most accessible record yet. Extract 1 from the beautiful song-cycle that is upcoming album Winchester Cathedral (August 23rd), The Magician is another slice of Clinic's longplayer of a mind. This is 2 minutes of hypnotic, psych-disco - refined, Clinic-style. Expect to hear it drenching decks around town soon.


Image: Clinic - The Magician

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  • 01. Golden Rectangle