Matt Sweeney and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy | RUG209 | Released: 24/07/05

Image: I gave You

The times are a turbulent. Outward struggles addle the mind and become internal. A man really has to wrestle with his demons these days. But Bonnie and Sweeney keep giving. One way or another, they give and give and give. This dandy-enhanced CD, featuring the song 'I Gave You' from this year's fantastic SUPERWOLF album is just one more example of how far Bonnie and Sweeney will go for their fans. Full of mystery, intrigue, hand-wringing and furrowed brows. If I say more, I'll just give it away ... The three non-album tracks, 'Four Screams', 'Birch Ballad' and 'My Circle' round out the four songs on the CD single. Linked in their haunting sombre tones and the heartful mischief Bonnie and Sweeney fans have come to know and love.


Image: I gave You

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  • Side A
    01. I Gave You
  • Side B
    01. Four Screams