Cinema | RUG151 | Released: 01/01/03

Image: After Dark

The A side - After Dark is one of the most uplifting tunes taken from the album, catchy and percussive with a hint of Stardust guitar! On the flip is the more mellow Lost (No.1 in the Zzub chart) which has been transformed beautifully into two mixes from two of the UK's hottest leftfield talents, Pedro (Melodic/Twisted Nerve) and Fort Lauderdale (Memphis Industries). Pedro was an obvious choice to get on the mix with Cinema already big fans of the electronica wizard from up North. His take on "Lost" leaves the original barely recognisable as he takes it into Reich-ian territories! Whereas Fort Lauderdale are caught using their folk psychedelia influence to bring their guitars in on the Cinema sound.

10" EP

Image: After Dark

RUG151T | Out now

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  • 01. After Dark
  • 02. Lost (Pedro Mix)
  • 03. Lost (Fort Lauderdale Mix)