Robert Wyatt | RUG283 | Released: 19/10/08

Image: this summer night

Working alongside French producer / composer Bertrand Burgalat, Robert Wyatt delivers a hymn to the sensuality of a Summer’s evening.

This Summer Night is a glorious addition to Robert Wyatt’s list of collaborations as a guest vocalist. Accompanying auteur Bertrand Burgalat’s suitably dreamy composition, Wyatt’s singing on This Summer Night ensures a song dedicated to the essential pleasure of dancing the summer night away soars past the full moon and into transcendence.

Moving out of the pastoral pop jam of a late evening’s bliss and into the heart of the night, Hot Chip take us right up til dawn. This is something, you feel, they’re beginning to be expert at by now as this extraordinary maximal / minimal reworking demonstrates.

Hearing Wyatt, immersed in Hot Chip’s r’n’bleep, being joined by Alexis Taylor is to hear two generations of English mavericks sharing tips with each other about how to get a proper groove on. This surely,should tell you all you need to know about doing the same yourself.