Liquid Liquid | RUG304 | Released: 18/10/08

Image: optimo 1

Their original records were pressed in very limited quantities on the 99 Label; their three EPs on the label acquired cult status and their music was frequently sampled. Famously, their classic bass line from the seminal track Cavern on the Optimo EP provided the foundation for Melle Mel's White Lines (Don't Do It), one of early hip-hop's biggest hits.

Today Liquid Liquid’s legacy is everywhere. The UK’s hippest club, Glasgow’s Optimo is named after track 13 of the recently released Domino compilation ‘Slip In And Out of Phenomenon’. Fellow NYC residents DFA resurrected the uptight downtown funk of Liquid Liquid and contemporaries ESG in their early productions and edits, whilst today’s vogue for live instruments in ‘balearock’ italo and electro club tracks means Liquid Liquid’s way of doing things has come full circle.

With the 6 October Domino release of ‘Remixes’ over two 12”s the party’s starting all over again. The first 12” features remixes from Optimo and The Loving Hand, whilst the second boasts Matthew Dear and Sample 208's reworkings.