The Child of Lov | DS067T | Released: 21/04/13

A very limited double A-Side from one of the world’s most exciting emerging talents. Fly is perhaps the crown jewell of the heavily gem encrusted Child of Lov debut. It's modern soul music of epic proportions, a roaring, triumphant farewell to the world from a man who's seen his end. The track's sheer muscle, energy and attitude however signal that this is just the start for The Child of Lov. As with previous singles the production pays respects to America's south, with the result sounding something like the RZA producing for Muscle Shoals. What's not to like!

Give Me meanwhile has been one of the most talked about tracks of recent months, a gritty southern soul banger that came out of nowhere and established The Child of Lov as a one to watch in most end of 2012’s end of years.

10" EP

DS067T | Double Six | Out now

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  • 01. Fly
  • 02. Give Me