Anna Calvi | RUG433 | Released: 10/09/11

Image: Suzanne and I

"Suzanne And I" was released just after the news of Anna Calvi's Mercury Prize nomination for her self-titled debult.

Here is how the NME described it: "Boasting the doomy glamour of a Bond theme, yet propelled by Calvi’s own edgy yet delicate guitar playing, 'Suzanne and I' is an all-enveloping, sense-tingling experience. It’s a dazzling display of vocal gymnastics, Calvi sashaying with ease from intimate verses to hurricane-force choruses that could square up to Piaf in the melodrama stakes."


Image: Suzanne and I

RUG433 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. Suzanne And I
  • Side B
    02. Baby It's You