Clinic | 29/09/10

Image: clinic bubblegum album artwork

Clinic's new album, Bubblegum, is available for streaming this week on their Myspace page.

Click here to stream Bubblegum

Bubblegum, which is out the 5th of October, is Clinic’s sixth album and is a rewiring of their trademark hyped up sound.

In place of churning riffs and wired vocals is a dream state of harpsichord, dulcimers and strings. Melody and softness combine with the band’s unique internal logic to produce a record of pop beauty.

The deluxe vinyl edition of Bubblegum features two LPs, the first with Bubblegum and the second Son of Bubblegum - a 6 track acoustic LP of songs from Bubblegum - on bubblegum pink vinyl.

It also includes a fold out poster, iron-on T-shirt transfer and sticker.

Pre-order now at the Domino Mart


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Image: Free Reign
Image: Bubblegum Packshot
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