The Count and Sinden | 25/05/11

Image: countsindenremix2

Having emerged from a smoke filled warehouse to deliver their acclaimed debut album, the genre mashing masterpiece Mega Mega Mega, The Count & Sinden take their work back underground with Mega Mega Remix, a completely new version of the album remixed by some of today’s most exciting new producers.

The original’s riotous mish-mash of global beats, bass, rave stabs and massive pop hooks was one of 2010’s most exciting debuts featuring guest turns from the likes of Katy B, Mystery Jets, Rye Rye and Bashy. Now Mega Mega Remix repeats the trick employing the likes of Canblaster, Lone, XXXy, Krystal Klear, D1 and Hot City to retool the album for dancefloors from Dalston to Rio.

Much as Mega Mega Mega mixed up everything from house, ragga, techno, baile funk, electro and hip-hop to produce something utterly unique, British and of the moment, Mega Mega Remix again pulls together the increasingly global and fast mutating strains of electronic music into a coherent whole.

Taking in everything from straight up 4/4 house music through to dubstep, old school rave and even moombahton, the album’s hand picked selection of remixers reflects The Count & Sinden’s insatiable appetite for discovering new sounds, genres and producers and is an invaluable guide to what matters in clubs right now.

The album will be preceded on Monday July 25th by a single, the club smash ‘Future’ featuring remixes by Canblaster, Solo and Donovans. Listen to a special Megamix of the album mixed by Sinden below:

The Count & Sinden - Mega Mega Remix, DJ Mix by DominoRecordCo

Mega Mega Remix will be available via digital download, the tracklisting is as follows:

1. Do You Really Want It (Ado Remix)
2. After Dark (Krystal Klear Remix)
3. Desert Rhythm (XXXy Remix)
4. Hardcore Girls (D1 Remix)
5. Roll Out (Kalbata Remix)
6. Elephant 1234 (Hot City Remix)
7. Hold Me (D.A.M.B Remix)
8. Mega (The Count & Sinden Equator VIP Mix)
9. Addicted To You (Lone Remix)
10. Panther (Bambounou Remix)
11. Llamamé (Dave Nada Remix)
12. You Make Me Feel So Good (Throwing Snow Remix)
13. Future (Canblaster Remix)