Mini Mansions | 01/01/70

Rekords Rekords and Domino are pleased to announce the release of the eponymous debut record from Mini Mansions, on June 6th.  

On a break from Queens of the Stone Age, Michael Shuman melded heads and locked arms with longtime friends Tyler Parkford and Zach Dawes in a dusty room in the San Fernando Valley. Here, they began a collaborative séance out of which birthed Mini Mansions in January of 2009. Though their triangle is usually confined to piano, bass, and a cocktail drum kit, the LA-based trio generates a Technicolor spectrum of sound drawn from the baroque, gothic, psychedelic and cinematic realms. Their debut self-titled release curtseys to the past, bows to the present, and foreshadows a progressively more abstract future.  

Rekords Rekords’ founder Josh Homme describes the band’s kaleidoscopic sound as “genuinely psychedelic with huge hooks... After listening to Mini Mansions just once, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.'"

Released as the first single on 30th May, Monk is a potent dose of dance-psych, comprised of thick organ cannons, fuzzy bass hooks, ghostly Shangri La beats and sharp melodic carvings. The single will be available via digital download (REK007D) and will be backed with a reworking of Blondie’s Heart Of Glass. You can watch the video here

You can also download the album track Kiddie Hypnogogia here:

Mini Mansions’ album will be available on CD (REK002CD), LP (REK002LP) and via digital download (REK002D). The tracklisting is as follows:

1 – Vignette # 1
2 – The Room Outside
3 – Crime Of The Season
4 – Monk
5 – Wunderbars
6 – Seven Sons
7 – Vignette # 2
8 – Kiddie Hypnogogia
9 – Majik Marker
10 - Girls
11 – Vignette # 3
12 – Thriller Escapade

Pre-order the album by clicking HERE