Tricky | 15/11/10

Image: Trickycrouch

Following on from the release of his latest album ‘Mixed Race’, Tricky now has a typically provocative video for his new single ‘Ghetto Stars’ which you can view here.

Opening with a spoken word segment from infamous ‘career criminal’ Freddie Foreman, relaying the grim realities of gangster life, the video for ‘Ghetto Stars’ is a suitably evocative experience which brings to life the urban dread and despair contained within the song . Using beautifully shot footage from Tricky’s recent live show at Koko in London, capturing the visceral, raw nature of the man’s live performance, the inclusion of scenes of Tricky hanging out with his family and friends in South London also provides an intimate glimpse into his private life, adding a powerful dimension to the overall work which is bound to lodge itself in your consciousness.

'Ghetto Stars' is released on 29th November 2010 on Domino, and in the meantime 'Mixed Race' is available to order here.


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