Bonde do Role | 12/03/08

Image: Bonde do Role

Domino is pleased to welcome a new dawn of Bonde do Role.

Following the mutual parting with Marina at the end last year; Gorky and Pedro were left scratching their heads thinking "How on earth are we going to find that special someone who's just the right side of crazy to join the party?"

And then, eureka! The answer is so simple; "Let's do a reality TV show."

So, with the help of MTV Brazil they screened over 100 Bonde wannabes and after an intensive course of Karaoke competitions, mud wrestlings, crashing in Gorky's garage for a week and performing for live audiences, the victorious new members of Bonde do Role are...Ana Bernardino and Laura Taylor.

Check out the performances from the girls here though be careful if you're sensitive to the use of meat.

The new quartet is wasting no time getting the show on the road and touring the US in April but watch this space for more news soon.