Malachai | 10/12/10

Image: malachai album

In the build up to the release of their second record Return To The Ugly Side on 28th February, there’s a flurry of Malachai activity happening. First off is the UK launch of their new video for ‘Rainbows’, a track taken from the upcoming album.

Looking like the kind of oddity that might have appeared on something like 120 Minutes in the 90s when MTV was less focused on the exploits of drunk Italian Americans and spoilt demonic 16 year olds, and still played interesting, innovative music videos, the video is the epitome of lo-fi in the best possible way.

It’s basically the personification of the weird and wonky world Malachai inhabit.

For fans in Bristol the guys will be putting on one of their acclaimed Soundsystem Live shows at the Big Chill Bar on 11th December 2010. Malachai followers will probably know that the group tend not to do too many live shows, so this news should come as a nice surprise to some of you, and should be reason enough not to miss out.

Finally, those damn internet demons had their way as they will from time to time, and consequently Malachai have had to set up a new Facebook page which you can become a fan of here.

The guys will be updating the page with an abundance of treats, so keep your eyes out for that, and keep your eyes out for the release of ‘Let 'Em Fall’, the first single from their new album which will be released on 21st February 2011.