The Nu Forest | GEOG21 | Released: 14/07/03

Image: nu forest
In 'The Last Great Wilderness', the Nu Forest are riding high in the charts with I Picked A Flower, a dirty pop song about the wife of one of the main characters, Charlie. Relentless radio play of the song causes him to embark on a badly thought out road trip which ultimately leads him to an understanding of the nature of the last great wilderness. The Nu Forest is a collaboration between The Pastels and Jarvis Cocker, who is in character as a lothario popstar.

Image: nu forest

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  • Side A
    01. I Picked A Flower (featuring The Pastels and Jarvis Cocker)
  • Side B
    01. I Picked A Flower (remixed by Cinema Recorded Music Library; featuring The Pastels and Jarvis Cocker)