Max Tundra | 24/04/08

Image: Max Tundra in Poland

"Went to Poland for a week, to play a gaggle of concerts.

In fact, six of these were in Poland (Katowice, Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Sopot, Wroclaw and Poznan) and one was in Slovakia (Zilina). This is my fifth or sixth visit; I'm starting to lose count of how many times this wonderful country entices me back. The pierogi after which this tour is named are meat- or cheese-filled dumplings, kind of like a Polish version of gyoza.

On the first night of the tour, a girl turned up with two bags full of edible treats, including a bowl of home-made pierogi courtesy of her mum, a small bottle of bimber (moonshine) made by her dad, a colossal bottle of home-made wine, several boxes of chocolates with gooey, fruity centres, three types of sausage and a bag of mysterious wafers.

This hearty stash fuelled most of the tour, and the bimber was saved til the last night (Poznan) where I handed out some shot glasses and shared it with the audience. The generosity and friendliness of the food-donating fan is typical of my experience in Poland, where every night several of the crowd will chat to me at length afterwards, offering me dinner, a tour of their city and other delicious goodies. A slapstick incident occured at the fifth show (Sopot, a beautiful seaside town in the north).

After my set had finished, I waved at the audience whilst walking offstage and not watching where I was going, causing me to fall five feet with a CRUNCH onto my back, creating raised stripey purple bruises and a fragile final two days on the road, but no broken bones. My driver - Dawid - booker of shows, designer of tour poster, and general legend, looked after me all week and patiently drove me the 1400 miles around the country.

I shall stay in touch with him and the many other new friends I made on the Lovely Pierogis Tour and hope to return to this part of the world next year. I get hungry just thinking about it!"

Max Tundra