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A new edition of Domino Yeah is up!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be in The Fall? From what your genial host Billy Reeves sees, it’s a right good laugh! Peter, Kieron and Dave invite Billy to help set up the stage for Mark in Birmingham, and talk about the current LP "Your Future, Our Clutter". The relatively new two young lads explain how they got invited to join the band and the chaps sift through an enormous pile of 10p records bought in the excellent Birmingham branch of Record & Tape exchange.

So, two tracks from The Fall to hear, as well as a special Archie Bronson Outfit remix, the next single from "Becoming A Jackal" by Villagers, a lovely bit of Robert Wyatt and the beautiful sound of young L.A. new boys Chief.



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Chapter 1: Intro with Mr. Billy Reeves (0:00)
Chapter 2: Chief "Breaking Walls" (0:29)
Chapter 3: Archie Bronson Outfit "Hoola - Moscow Remix" (4:58)
Chapter 4: The Fall "Cowboy George" (11:11)
Chapter 5: The Fall interview (16:32)
Chapter 6: The Fall "Bury Pts. 1 + 3" (23:55)
Chapter 7: Villagers "Ship Of Promises" (30:43)
Chapter 8: Domino Glastonbury Line-up (34:24)
Chapter 9: Robert Wyatt "Sea Song" (35:18)




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In this episode: Billy Reeves tests his baking skills with VILLAGERS. Plus, previews of new releases from BONNIE 'PRINCE' BILLY, THE FALL, TO ROCOCO ROT, MALACHAI and a bona fide classic from THE TRIFFIDS. Click the Play button to listen.

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Chapter 1: Intro with Billy Reeves
Chapter 2: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang "The Sounds Are Always Begging" (0:15)
Chapter 3: Malachai "Warriors" (5:58)
Chapter 4: Villagers "Twenty-Seven Strangers" (9:26)
Chapter 5: Interview with Villagers (12:29)
Chapter 6: Villagers "Becoming A Jackal" (15:53)
Chapter 7: The Triffids "Wide Open Road" (20:05)
Chapter 8: To Rococo Rot "Seele" (25:18)
Chapter 9: The Fall "Bury Pts. 1 + 3" (29:22)



Steve Mason | 15/06/10



Boys Outside, the new album from Steve Mason, available everywhere.

Having previously recorded as The Beta Band, King Biscuit Time and Black Affair, Steve Mason has just released his first album under his own name, Boys Outside. The 10-track album, produced by Richard X and Steve Mason, is at once fiercely contemporary, and unlike anything else you’ll hear in 2010. The tracks on Boys Outside are every bit as singular as the Beta Band's standout album, The Three EP’s. 'All Come Down' is a beautiful song that is very much indicative of the fragile and haunting sounds found throughout Boys Outside.

"Mason’s best post-Beta Band work" - Mojo

"Boys Outside is a confident, stripped-down affair... Mason always had an appealing voice, but it’s never been as soulfully expressive as it is here" "8/10" - Under The Radar

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Malachai | 05/05/10

Check out the video for Malachai's "Snowflake" off of their album Ugly Side Of Love. Directed by Rob Hall.




Image: john sicolo

John Sicolo (centre) welcomes a couple of young Monkeys to TJs back in 2006.


John Sicolo, or Johnny Sieco to his mates, was born in Newport south Wales to a father from the Seychelles and Welsh mother. One of eight kids, he joined the Merchant Navy soon after leaving school at the age of fifteen. He signed on as galley boy, learning the art of cooking, and quickly rose through the ranks to become the youngest Chief Steward sailing out of the Bristol Channel. During his twelve years in the Merchant Navy he circumnavigated the globe and visited many of the major port cities of the world.

When Johnny left the navy he returned to Newport and put his cooking skills to good use, opening a restaurant called the Pittsburgh Diner in 1971. Jugfuls of sangria where served with everything and slowly the food was replaced exclusively with alcohol and the place had a reputation where a good time could be had by all.

The diner became a nightclub, El Siecos, in the mid seventies. With his partner, the equally formidable, Trilby Tucker, running the club with him El Siecos became known as a rough and ready after hours drinking den.

I began regularly visiting the club around 1979 beginning what turned out to be a thirty year relationship with Johnny. A big, thick set, powerful man, he was extremely strong and he never needed to employ bouncers. Any trouble and Johnny would personally eject the culprits from the premises by appearing to tie their arms and legs behind their backs and rolling them out of the door. He seemed solid, indestructible. He even had a strict dress code and delighted in turning away well dressed business types and anyone with a tie.

What struck me was, from the outset, he remembered your name. He seemed to know everyone’s` name and took an interest in the people who visited the club. A warm welcome, good natured banter and a warning blow to the gut was par for the course and he quickly made me feel like a regular, which I duly became.

I, along with my brother Baz and some childhood friends, formed a band called The Abs around this time and began playing our own brand of fast punk with funny songs. Johnny and Trilby always took an interest in our band and when the Student`s Union (the only venue that would give us a gig) closed we approached John. He had no hesitation letting us play in his club that resembled a rock`n`roll version of the Bat  Cave .

 The deal was that we would organise the gig and he made the profit on the bar, simple. It stayed that way until the end and, when we couldn’t get a gig anywhere else, Johnny would always let us play. He always counted The Abs as one of his favourite bands and when interviewed for fanzines or newspapers would namecheck us. Unfortunately, because of his thick Newport accent, this was always interpreted as The Yaps so we unable to capitalise on the great man’s endorsement!

Around 1984 the club’s name had changed to TJ`s (Trilby and Johnny’s) and innovative promoters such as Simon Phillips of Cheap Sweaty Fun began bringing a succession of touring bands to Newport. Bands such as Hole, Nomeansno, No FX, The Lemonheads, The Offspring, Chuck Prophet, Green Day, Fugazi, Snuff, The Jesus Lizard, to name just a few, came to TJ`s. They gave us an education and Johnny provided the school. He would often stand in the middle of the mosh, like a demented, sweaty headmaster with a big grin on his face, making sure no one got hurt. If someone was becoming a little over enthusiastic they would receive a bop on the head and a look that said enjoy yourself but don’t spoil it for others. This always seems to have been taken in the way it was intended demonstrating a rare gift for communication that Johnny seemed to use so easily. He made TJ`s the safest place in town.

The bands all received the same warm welcome and benefited from Johnny’s culinary skills learnt in his navy days. He would often take bands to his house after the sound check where, along with Trilby and the kids, they would sit down to a family meal and made to feel they were in their home from home. All the while Johnny would be engaging in conversation with the band and he could talk with knowledge on an impressively wide range of subjects. After the gig, bands would often stay in his flat above the club. This was luxury for touring bands when the UK had the reputation of the least hospitable of European countries to play in.

The death of his beloved Trilby around 1995 seemed to leave him appearing a little lost but he carried on in the club among the noise and people that he loved. We became closer as the years rolled on and in 1997 my wife Wendy and I asked Johnny to be Godfather to our daughter Jess. He was chuffed to be asked but disapproved of the non religious family/rockabilly celebration / ceremony we held in our garden. “It`s what separates us from animals” he gruffed before leaving early to open the club for Muse to play that night.

When I heard we lost him I was gutted. I felt a large chunk of Newport life was gone forever and that one of the most important threads linking my past and present had snapped. John Sicolo`s funeral was held last week and over a thousand people attended, including The Mayor. Bikers followed the hearse as it stopped outside TJ`s to receive the salute from a few hundred bereft souls. At the church, Johnny`s coffin was draped in the Red Ensign and he had a Guard of Honour from old boys of the Merchant Navy who proudly carried flags and played The Last Post. Crowds were left outside in the rain as St Pauls was packed. After the ceremony, Newport City Centre came to a halt as Johnny was brought out of the church to the revving of the bikers and the sound of genuine spontaneous applause. The scene provided a feast for the eyes, ears and soul and reminded me of some of the life-changing gigs I`d seen because of the vision held by this special man who provided the venue and his own brand of philosophy.

Afterwards, the Wake was held in, where else, TJ`s. As I walked in, The Abs was being played through the PA and I felt an enormous sense of honour, pride and loss for a man who helped me and hundreds of others find a path in life.

As the future of the club hangs in the balance, it’s hard to see who could fill the giant, Johnny shaped gap that his passing has left. Time will tell.

Thank you  Johnny Sicolo. Goodnight. God Bless.

John The Rev, March 2010




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Check out the all-new March 2010 edition of Dominocast hosted by Mr. Billy Reeves. This episode features an interview with GALAXIE 500. Plus, preview new releases from Eugene & The Lizards, Archie Bronson Outfit, Pavement, Four Tet, Wild Beasts, Galaxie 500, She & Him and Arctic Monkeys.

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Chapter 1: Intro with Billy Reeves (0:00)
Chapter 2: Eugene & The Lizards "Bugjuice" (0:38)
Chapter 3: Archie Bronson Outfit "Magnetic Warrior" (2:51)
Chapter 4: Pavement "Cut Your Hair" (5:44)
Chapter 5: Four Tet "Sing" (8:50)
Chapter 6: Wild Beasts "We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues" (12:50)
Chapter 7: Galaxie 500 "Oblivious" (16:33)
Chapter 8: Interview with Galaxie 500 (19:13)
Chapter 9: Galaxie 500 "Blue Thunder" (24:22)
Chapter 10: She & Him "In The Sun" (27:33)
Chapter 11: Arctic Monkeys "My Propeller" (30:18)



Archie Bronson Outfit | 19/02/10

Image: archies video still




Image: dnocast

Check out the all-new Winter 2010 edition of Dominocast hosted by Mr. Billy Reeves. This episode features interviews with Lightspeed Champion and Owen Pallett. Plus, preview new releases from Archie Bronson Outfit, Four Tet, Galaxie 500, Lightspeed Champion, Quasi and Owen Pallett.

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Chapter 1: Intro with Billy Reeves (0:00)
Chapter 2: Archie Bronson Outfit "Shark's Tooth" (0:44)
Chapter 3: Four Tet "Angel Echoes" (3:44)
Chapter 4: Galaxie 500 "Oblivious" (7:28)
Chapter 5: Lightspeed Champion "Marlene" (10:16)
Chapter 6: Lightspeed Champion Interview (13:43)
Chapter 7: Quasi "Repulsion" (19:23)
Chapter 8: Owen Pallett Interview (23:47)
Chapter 9: Owen Pallett "Lewis Takes Action" (28:39)



Lightspeed Champion | 15/02/10

'Life is Sweet! Nice To Meet You' Album Stream» Read full article?

Stream the new Lightspeed Champion album Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You.

Dev Hynes returns with an epic collection of twelve pop songs, two instrumental intermissions and one piano étude, set for release on 15th February 2010.

Lightspeed’s early leaning towards American country dressings is traded here for a palette that draws on classical music and even musical theatre. Producer and mixer Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley) assembles the eclectic grab-bag of influences: joltingly ‘70s guitar and synth sounds, classical piano, Greek choruses shouting reprisals, and at least one ukelele-driven moment.

Stream here:



Various Artists | 15/12/09

Image: top tens pick


Music, Gigs & Moments 2009

Mott the Hoople - Hammersmith Apollo

Matias Aguayo - Ay Ay Ay

Xx - LP

Omar Souleyman and Group Douah at the Dome

Amadou and Marian at the Forum

Bonnie 'Prince' at the Queen Elizabeth Hall

Glasto 2009 - Tony Benn, Animal Collective et. al

Girls - Hellhole Ratrace

Stricken City by Yacht

Hyph Mngo by Joy Orbison

Empire State Of Mind by Jay Z

January - The city stopped by snow


The Trees Grew Emotions & Died - Cold Cave

Paparazzi - Lady Gaga

Raw Cuts 5+6 - M.C.D.E.

Jet Stream (Lindstrom Remix) - Doves

Meet Me Half Way - Black Eye Peas

The Court Of The Crimson King - king crimson

Evil Woman - ELO Single

Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Beyonce

Calculator - Micachu & The Shapes

Juan Maclean - Happy House


Song of the year: Cornerstone – Arctic Monkeys/Albums of the year: DPz Bitte Orca, AC’s Merriweather, AM’s Humbug, WBs Two Dancers, Cass M’s Catacombs,  I don’t seem to have listened to much non-Domino music this year!

Gig of the year: The National at the RFH

Weekend of the year: Glastonbury – the Domino Teepee Experience, Animal Collective in The Park, Franz Ferdinand’s best gig ever , the sun shining after the rain!!

Party of the year: My folks’ 50th Wedding Anniversary do

Quotes of the year: "Belly, Belly, Belly, be honest is my nose on the side of my face?!"- “Suck my fat one, maaaaan!!”

Movies of the year: Up and Fish Tank

Band of the year: Wild Beasts

Cafes of the year: Nordic Bakery, Princi, Rick’s in Tooting, Bertie and Boo’s in Balham and Bea’s in Bloomsbury

Meal of the year: any at Vinoteca

Fave moment of the year: swimming off the rocks at Manarola/waking up on that amazing snow day in February


Atlas Sound (feat. Laetitia Sadier) - Quick Canal (4AD)

Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo (Hot Flush)

Bibio - Lover's Carvings (Warp)

Kurt Vile - Freak Train (Matador)

Four Tet - Love Cry (Domino)

Wild Beasts - Two Dancers (I) (Domino)

Bowerbirds - Upper Air (Dead Oceans)

Zomby - Float (Werk Discs)

Hey Colossus / Dethscalator - Split (Riot Season)

Lots of Dave Eggers & Paul Auster books


Wild Beasts - Two Dancers / Hoxton Hall Show / Paris (2009, the year of the beasts!)

Animal Collective - Brother Sport (for pure ecstatic energy and a wonderful message about death & life and opening up!)

Mythologies Show @ Haunch of Venison (finally something worth seeing)

Pet Shop Boys @ Latitude (Pop sing-along-tastic!)

Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca / Live At The Scala (a special night indeed)

These New Puritans - Hidden (HUGE sound, artistically bold, they WANT WAR indeed!)

ATP (for great music, friends and very random adventures)

Edwyn & Grace talk @ Latitude (very moving, funny and inspiring in equal parts)

Ibiza (healing-hippy-leyline-tastic)

Wild Beasts - All The Kings Men - Banjo Or Freakout Remix (for its perfect autumnalness-hazy-reworking)

Oh.. and hearing we signed The Fall. Thats rather good too ;-)


1. Animal Collective three in one - Album "Merriweather Post Pavillion" Live at Koko in January and Brixton Academy in August and "Fall Be Kind" EP with the tremendous "What Would I Want Sky"

2. The Green Man festival - the sunniest Green Man, listening to the Ashes in the bar, Hawkwind headlining on Sunday, their roadie, and who can forget the wallet game?

3. Untold "I Can't Stop This Feeling / Anaconda" 12" on Hessle Audio (joint first for my label of the [aside from Domino of course] with Hemlock Recordings (I should mention James Blake here too), everything they've put out has tickled me)

4.Two new cocktails - Apple Martinis and Mint Juleps

5. Glastonbury Festival from the sail down in the converted Jag, teepee, the Animal Collective, Neil Young, and glorious weather, I cannot complain (well maybe could have done without needing to utilise my first aid skills on Jonny's nose/eye)

6. The Fall live show at Koko November 2009, best fall show in ages, new material, tight band, on form. Watch this space for Our Future Your Clutter in 2010

7. Home Game, a civilised festival, no tents in sight, blinding sets from the Fence folk in a town with the best fish & chips in the country, secret shows complete with cream tea, and a quick dip in the sea at midnight

8. Dancing with Bart to Optimo DJ's in a warehouse in Shoreditch feel the laser burn

9. Dirty Projectors at the Black Box in Belfast, first time I saw them live, and it blew me away. Their Album "Bitte Orca" deserves to be in this top ten too

10. Tanki Tanki - edit of a Lebanese punk/new wave band from the 80's recorded to tape. Bonkers and banging.


Franz Ferdinand playing live (in a fountain) in Valencia for 35,000 people.

Animal Collective at the Forum in London

Domino Mid-Summer BBQ in the car park

Arctic Monkeys – live in a church in Cologne

Richard Hawley’s mini gig at The Fly

Nick Cave’s book reading/gig at The Palace Theatre

Arctic Monkeys at the Zeneth in Paris

Cass McCombs at the Lexington

Animal Collective and others in the year end polls – there is justice!

Domino xmas party – wherever that might be!!


John Baldessari - ‘Pure Beauty’ (exhibition at Tate Modern)

Animal Collective - ‘Merriweather Post Pavillion’ (album)

Paul Auster - ‘New York Trilogy’ (Novel)

Twin Peaks (season 2)

Philip Glass, generally

Mythologies (group exhibition at Haunch of Venison)

Cannon EOS 50D (digital SLR camera)

Jeff Koons exhibition at Serpentine Gallery

Wild Beasts – ‘Two Dancers’ (album)

Le Tour de France


The XX - the album (never grow bored of it, every track amazing)

Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes (happiest and most blissed out song of the year)

Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Hysteric (the new Maps, from great album)

These New Puritans - Hidden (EPIC)

The Count & Sinden - MEGA (watching this go off on a dancefloor - insane)

La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey remix) (best remix of the year, eerily beautiful)

Benga / Eve - Me n My (catchy as fuck, with added attitude)

MEGA MEGA MEGA warhouse part, Scrutton St Warehouse, London (messy messy messy)

Hope Sandoval @ Queen Elizabeth Hall, November 2009 (her voice is the sexiest in the world)

Sidney Samson - Riverside (annoyingly catchy - not sure if it's worthy of this, but love it, even though it is nicked rip off of another track)


The book ….Colm McCann – Let The Great World Spin

The music documentary……The Yellow Bittern DVD.

The performance…. Tasker, McKenna, Murnin …et al (aka The Minors), Sept 09 in Dublin

The piece of vinyl…..Villagers – On a Sunlit Stage 7”

The show……Telegraph - The Show.

The song…….Lille (album version) by Lisa Hannigan

The unsigned band….We Cut Corners

The event……The Electric Picnic

The building….new Point Depot. Graced by Neil Young, Leonard Cohen & Arctic Monkeys.

The Choice Award Winner (??)…..Adrian Crowley- Seasons of The Sparks (CD)


Going to Dublin for the first time to see Animal Collective.

Charlotte Gainsbourg & Beck's 'heaven can wait' and its amazing video directed by Keith Schofield.

Singing along to Blur @ Hyde Park and meeting 75 yr old poet in day-glo and pal of Allen Ginsberg's, Michael Horowitz.

Leif Ove Andsnes & Robin Rhode doing Pictures Reframed @ the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

The Age of The Marvelous + Museum of Everything parties + Frieze all in the same week.

Watching UP in 3D.

Seeing (most of) Monty Python reunited at the Royal Albert Hall for the 40 yrs of Life Of Brian.

Radiohead starting their set with Creep at Reading.

All the super cool video work done this year by Troublemakers.tv

Being in Paris by chance for the Fete de la Musique.

Seeing David Troughton & Kevin Spacey in 'Inherit the Wind' at The Old Vic


- The Wild Beasts album and seeing them live many times throughout 2009 especially at the Hoxton Hall!

- Watching the wonderful Animal Collective at Fuji Rock Festival

- Glastonbury weekend (the sun even came out!)

- Blur in Hyde Park!

- Swimming in the clear seas of Croatia

- My weekend DJ trips to Berlin and Paris

- Albums by the XX

- Fever Ray

- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

- Crystal Stilts


Spurs 9 Wigan 1 - I know, coz I was there.

Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle - "you've seen em, the rap singers"

Yes - Pet Shop Boys

Moon - Zowie wowee

Inglorious Basterds - "attendez la creme"

Let The Right One In

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Drag Me To Hell

Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Zombieland - "In the words of the immortal philosopher Jean Paul Sartre, 'Au revoir, gopher.'"


king crimson – lizard reissue

courtis/moore – brokebox juke

robert hood – minimal nation reissue

to rococo rot – speculation (forthcoming album)

dirty projectors – knotty pine

shackleton  - 3 ep’s

ornette coleman’s last night at meltdown

it’s snowing just in time for christmas

serious pig salamis

the first three episodes of ‘john from cincinatti’

glastonbury domino tee pee action


Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion

Sonic Youth at The Scala in April

Fleetwood Mac at Wembley in November

Diablo Cody's movie "Jennifer's Body"

Franz Ferdinand at the FM4 Birthday Party, Vienna in January

DC Comics "Streets of Gotham"

Fourtet "Love Cry"

Warhol Other Voices Other Rooms at The Hayward

Dj-ing all over the shop

Spiritualized at The Barbican in December


1. my oldest son's first day of kindergarten:

'nuff said

2. the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th president of the United States:

I haven't been this proud to be an American since the Marshall Plan.

3. the Big Star Keep An Eye On The Sky box set (Ardent/Rhino):

I resisted purchasing this for it would have made the third or fourth time of buying the catalog, but I was worn down by the plaudits and constant flow of praise from friends.  Now, everyone's getting it from me for Xmas.  A masterclass in how to honor a band's legacy.

4. the August 2009 road trip to Chicago with the family:

So much good company, music and food... and I didn't even get to dine at Hot Doug's in spite of two attempts.

5. Catching up with It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia:

The depths they will plum for laughs is just scary, but you laugh just the same... Danny Devito's tour de force performance inhibits the grey area between method acting and insanity but it sure is hilarious.

6. Lee Fields & The Expressions - My World (Truth & Soul)

After forty years in the biz, this soul survivor cranked out his finest work yet... a smoldering collection of r'n'b as sincere and authentic as it gets.  Fans of Curtis Mayfield/The Impressions should hightail it to their nearest sound emporium and snap this up.

7. the seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm:

The resurrection of Curb this season has been every bit as miraculous as that of Lazarus.

8. Malakai - The Ugly Side Of Love (Invada):

Bristol lads melding the downhill side of the Summer of Love (Kinks/Moby Grape/Badfinger) with the modern psychedelic turntablism of The Avalanches and Portishead with great result.

9. the release of Logic 8

Having stepped away for five or six years from doing anything musical for a variety of reasons and coming back to this has been exhilarating and mindblowing at the same time.  

10. the "resignation" of Carl Petersen as president/general manager of The Kansas City Chiefs.

The psychological oppression of semi-annual false hope that fans of Kansas City's professional sports organizations have endured for 25 years has been relentless and cruel.  Not to delight in one man's misfortune, but finally there was reason to hope that the first step towards the end of our suffering someday had been taken.


90 Degrees (not made this year but I saw it for the first time this year) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mv2SiOEyTg

2) Bunny and the Bull

3) Le Donk and Scor-zay-zee

4) Moon

5) Milk

6) (500) Days of Summer

7) The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

8) Bronson

9) The Lovely Bones

10) Splash (not new but I nostalgically bought on DVD this year)


Bill Orcutt "A New Way To Pay Old Debts" (Palilalia)

Lightning Bolt "Earthly Delights" (Load)

Reading Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" at last

Mark Eitzel at St Giles in The Fields / Plush at The King's Head, Crouch End

Watching "The Wire" at last (and the fact that we've not finished yet)

Neko Case "Middle Cyclone" (Anti)

Bill Callahan "Jim Cain" (Drag City)

Danny Baker on The Word podcast

Curb Your Enthusiasm Series 7

Seeing "Le Ballon Rouge" again after about 30 years and walking out into a cinema foyer full of red balloons


Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix / Live at Brixton - Phoenix

Merriweather Post Pavillion - Animal Collective

Vecketamist - Grizzly Bear

Two Dancers - Wild Beasts

Manners - Passion Pit

Post Nothing - Japandroids

Bitte Orca / Live at the Scala - Dirty Projectors

Life of Leisure - Washed Out

Various Remixes - Classixx

See Mystery Lights - YACHT


Black Dice - Chocolate Cherry
Four Tet - Love Cry
The Hipshakes - Sounds We Found
Shackleton - 3 EPs
Flaming Lips - Embryonic
Bill Callahan - Sometimes I Wish
Thee Fair Ohs - Almost Island
Cold Pumas - Jela
Raekwon - Only Built II
Ben Frost - By the Throat


1) Doing East Village Radio with Emily Beaver

2) Seeing Leonard Cohen perform at Radio City Music Hall

3) Wild Beasts' trip to NYC

4) The video for Cornerstone

5) Cass McCombs at Joe's Pub

6) The second time I heard Dead Weather

7) The first time I saw Dead Weather

8) The time Jack White said hi to Morgan when I was standing next to him after a Dead Weather show

9) The first time I heard Dead Weather

10) Yo Majesty at the Highline Ballroom

1. My girls, literally.. C & R.
2/3. Animal Collective, Merriweather Post Pavilion
2/3. Dirty Projectors, Bitte Orca
4. Bill Callahan, Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle 
5. Girls, Album 
6. Cass McCombs at Bowery Ballroom.
7. Cass McCombs, Catacombs
8. Dirty Projectors at Housing Works
9. Loch Fyne Oysters at .69£ a pop.
10. Glastonbury; the drive down, Chief at the Stone Circle, AC at the Park Stage, the pillow btwn Rog's legs, the smoking logs, Jonny's nose, Belly's comfort - classic!


That Petrol Emotion live at The Bellhouse, Brooklyn, NY- the band rocked, jumped, wailed and thumped like it was 20 yrs ago. There was kicking of ass AND fun!

Animal Collective live at Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY- I got to work their merch booth with my pal Adam and give away posters to fans on a perfect summer night.

Dirty Projectors live with guests The Roots and David Byrne at Bowery Ballroom, Manhattan, NY- It was great from the start. Tune Yards were a pleasant surprise for me as well.

Jesus Lizard live at The Fillmore at Irving Plaza, Manhattan, NY- 15 or so years since I last saw them and Yow is still in your face incredible while being quietly funny.

Tour Managing Max Tundra at SXSW and meeting his Japanese superfan. He spoke to her in Japanese sending her into an ecstatic laughing fit where all she could say was "Oh, Max Tundra! Oh, Max Tundra!" then ran away.

Rainbow Bridge "Big Wave Rider"

Atlas Sound "Walkabout"

Phoenix "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix"

Jay Z "Empire State of Mind"

The Big Pink "Dominos"

Stuff that I can't exclude Guest spinning with DJ Mona D on East Village Radio The Beastie Boys reissues Nirvana "Bleach" reissue

Stuff I came to late Q-Tip "The Renaissance" Various "Born Bad Vol 1-7" Robert Wyatt "The EPs"

I will deeply miss Jim Carroll and Lux Interior


The Skints debut album "Live, Build, Build, Believe".

Rebellion Festival 2009.

Sonic Boom Six - City of Thieves.

Random Hand - Inhale/Exhale.

Mouthwash - True Stories.

The Skints, Mouthwash & Clay Pigeon at Barfly, Camden.

Jimmy Carr at Brixton Academy.

NYC trip May 2009.

Meeting Minty from Eastenders at Comic Relief.

Skunk Anansie at Brixton Academy.


1 - Tom Waits - Glitter And Doom Live (Especially Disc Two - Tom Talk)

2 - Wild Beasts - Two Dancers (Domino)

3 - BBC Radiophonic Workshop Show At The Roundhouse

4 - Gerhard Ricther Exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery

5 - Belbury Poly - From An Ancient Star (Ghost Box)

6 - Paul Brigg's Wild Claim That Max Beesley Is 'An Amazing Percussionist'

7- Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth (Vertigo Comics)

8 - Green Man Festival In Wales (Dirty Three, Animial Collective, Zun zun Egui, Hawkwind!)

9 - Zombi - Spirit Animal (Relapse)

10 - BBC's Wildlife Finder - Possibly The Greatest Thing On The Internet - http://www.bbc.co.uk/wildlifefinder/


Rainbow Bridge - Big Wave Rider 7" (True Panther)

Nite Jewel - Good Evening LP (Human Ear)

Bill Callahan - Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle LP (Drag City)

Still Going - Spaghetti Circus 12" (DFA)

Gui Boratto - No Turning Back 12" (Kompakt)

Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work - Hardcover by Matthew B. Crawford

Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras - Catholic CD (Macro Records)

Big Boi - Shine Blockas single

Black Devil Disco Club Presents - Strange New World Of Bernard Fevre LP (LO)

The XX - XX LP (Young Turks)


ireland winning the grand slam

the feelies - reissues

kurt vile - childish prodigy

bill callahan - sometimes i wish i were an eagle

cass mccombs - catacombs

grizzly bear - veckatimest

animal collective - merriweather post pavilion

the wire series 1 - 5 boxset

this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDKiQfBs9lo

bibio - ambivalence avenue


Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca

Wilco - Wilco [the album]

St Vincent - Actor

Wild Beasts - Two Dancers

Julianna Barwick - Florine

Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest

Here We Go Magic - Here We Go Magic

Yacht - See Mystery Lights

Live: David Byrne - Radio City Music Hall (NY, NY)

Live: Liquid Liquid - Santo's Party House (NY, NY)

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