Arctic Monkeys | DOMDVD4 | Released: 09/04/06

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Please note this DVD is a certificate 15 and region 0 - PAL. Warp Films and Domino presents Scummy Man, a short film inspired by the Arctic MonkeysÂ’ recent single When The Sun Goes Down. The film shows the relationship between a fifteen year old prostitute and one of her nastier punters. Just Another Day looks at the same events from a different perspective, so they take on different meanings, plus the original promotional video for the track. The bars fill up with lairy boozers anticipating drunken frolics in nightclubs, whilst on the edge of town in leafy suburbia Mum and Dad settle down to their Chinese takeaways and Pop Idol phone-ins. Meanwhile, couples stroll arm in arm to see the latest Hollywood shit flick, with plans hatched to see the family for Yorkshire puddings at three the next day. . . And the mind wanders to those who slip between the cracks of the surface in the City at night - the underclass, or those who don't walk beneath the neon lights of the high street shopfronts. These are the people who lurk in the dark shadows over the river going out of town. It's a world where girls roam the streets, out of sight and out of mind of the moral majority. Scummy Man!! A window into that world. I'm watching now and I'm stuck to the wall in horror. Maybe my mind is too attuned to wanting to believe this doesn't exist in the place where I live. But it does, and here it is in full-frontal widescreen grimness; the irony being that this world seems a million miles away, yet it's on the doorstep, these are the characters with which you and I share our Cities. All of this begs the question of why and how these characters come to interact. How does our street girl come to allow herself to be bought and sold like a commodity or used car? What draws the punter to the street like a moth to a flame? How does the scummy man keep his hand on the leaver, controlling his girls like dogs on a leash, making promises, and keeping her scared and the like...? And much like the coin there's a flip side to the grim picture. Just Another Day. A glimmer of hope and a chance to step out of the shadows and back into the light. And the cars that cruise the streets might not be all you might think. All things being about perception, this underworld can be seen in a different light depending on how each person comes to experience it. Each person has a story to tell, and this is theirs...


Image: scummy man dvd cover

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