Sons and Daughters | 11/04/08

1.record! that grinderman is fucking awesome!
2.drink! getting heavily, heavily into coffee. especially tinderbox in glasgow, that shit will give you palpatations! 3. film! seeing the new lynch film 'inland empire' in the cinema!
4. live! the archie bronson's tearing glasgow's arches a new one! the horns were so loud they actually started two fights in the crowd! wow!
5. film again! 'grindhouse' uncut on opening weekend with a brilliantly rowdy new york audience!
6.meal! that curry we all had on tour that day off in london the other week. king prawn tandoori with tons of ginger and lemon and cashew rice. hooo weee!
7. self improvement! mr butler helping me attain my own personal guitar nirvana!
8. bbq! the one in the domino car park!
9. live! seeing the fabulously adam and the antsy 'fangs' play at a house party in glasgow!
10. self improvement! finally learning to cook. i now do a mean salsa verde. in your face, gordon ramsey!