Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks | WIG156 | Released: 22/05/05

Image: Face The Truth

SM has relaxed. And he refuses to relax. He still delivers to his audience intricate scores, precisely performed. He finds room for the full range of Americana: country to pop, jazz and disco. In fact the fake disco of "Kindling for the Master" owes a lot to SM's 1990's vision of sexuality, framed in pumping groaning funk. He seems as content with a punching-bag beat as he does with the most fragile DIY jam. The search for new voices lead him to sounds in danger of becoming obsolete.


Image: Face The Truth

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  • 01. Pencil Riot
  • 02. It Kills
  • 03. I've Hardly Been
  • 04. Freeze the Saints
  • 05. No More Shoes
  • 06. Mama
  • 07. Loud Cloud Crowd
  • 08. Kindling for the Master
  • 09. Post-Paint Boy
  • 10. Baby C'mon
  • 11. Malediction