Flipper | REWIG62 | Released: 28/06/09

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Sleeve Notes by King Buzzo / Melvins

Hello all of you Flipper lovin’ sons-a-bitches.

Fifteen years ago we recorded one of my all time favorite Flipper songs called Sacrifice and it’s remained in our live set off and on ever since.

More people scream for us to play Sacrifice than almost any of our own songs! In the late 1980s I remember seeing Flipper play a free show where Bruce Lose told the audience that Will Shatter had stolen the lyrics for Sacrifice from a World War I anti-war poem... maybe so. For the first 20 minutes the show was good, then the bass player broke a string and the whole thing degenerated into jumbled mess. It was perfect, in fact, I don’t think anything Flipper has ever done has been wrong. 

Flipper is always at the top or near the top of the list whenever anyone asks me what bands have influenced my own song writing. This is confusing to people because they always expect answers from me like Black Sabbath or Motorhead. Let me get something straight right now, Black Sabbath and Motorhead or bands of that nature don’t fucking MATTER to me. Those bands are horrible, horrible shit compared to Flipper and I am in no way kidding or blowing smoke up Flipper’s ass. If you don’t get that, then you don’t get what WE are about and you should go back to music school 101 and figure it out, dummy. 

As far as I can tell, Flipper have seen it all. Death, drugs, war, debilitating injuries, more drugs, Rick Rubin, children, major labels, minor labels, break ups, a couldn’t care less attitude, adulation, disregard, fights on and off stage, court rooms, lawyers, cool record covers, tours of America, tours of Europe, heavy art damage, multi multi-platinum rock star bass players, and lastly, AMAZING SONGS! I’m sure I’ve left out a few other important things on this list of ‘accomplishments’ but the most important thing is the music. If you get Flipper, no explanation is necessary, if you don’t no explanation will work.

Flipper’s music is genius in its simplicity. The lyrics are horrifying and beautiful. They don’t waste a lot of time on musical gymnastics and they don’t need to, their songs are that good. Good music has nothing to do with technical ability. It’s powerful and dangerous and confusing insanity and I love it as much as I’ve ever loved any music that inspires me. Even more actually, I’m a devoted Flipper fan.

In 1980 Sex Bomb became the new Smoke On The Water. What serious Punk doesn’t know how to play Sex Bomb? That is the level of influence they’ve had on my generation. They’re important. Face it and learn.

If you’re never IN tune you can’t be out OF tune.


Image: gone fishin packshot

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