Playing to the strengths of living in separate cities, namely London and Bristol, Wigwam headed west to set up an HQ near Hay-on-Wye. A one stop operational base where the Wigwam folk espouse a medium grade ruralism tending to the telescope, rivers and software machines. Passing through or staying by the business of music and folklore is approached with a thorough and contemporary work ethic. The unit was formed by Richard King who once ran a small record label, Planet Records in Bristol, embarkation point to Third Eye Foundation, Flying Saucer Attack (in which he played both Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda / guitar), Hood, and Movietone to name a few. As the millennium hit an interest in folk music turned passionate. The magic flute of Sarah Chilvers, the muse insider-knowledge of Frances Morgan and the direct action of Sams Davies and Jones was set high and wide and Wigwam released a debut 12", 'Soda Pop Rock' in 2000. Time spent digging deep in Cecil Sharpe House and walking the songlines resulted in a realisation that these songs are older than you or I will ever be and time counts for something. Trailing by studios and friends, tapes in the back, 'One Star Awake' was slowly assembled in the spirit of fresh air and electrics. Such wanderings resulted in a return to King's native Wales, and the natural light Wigwam modus operandi.