Lingus Gordon has had his ears tuned to the song mining activities of Fife, and to a small, arctic-cacti county in Siberia twinned with Clackmannanshire, since 1995, and for this reason has probably missed out on a few "happenings" closer to home. Like the Glasgow "goldrush" of the late nineties? Don't know how it panned out, but their drummist, a Klondyke veteran, took his darling clementine into the bedroom, and in there recorded, on glorious a-dat, a half hour collection of 22 carat nuggets. Now the "Immigrant" has already grabbed the Domino Co. prospector's approval, and if you ain't quick off the mark, the trail out West will be well worn, dusty and dry, and the fair city of Glesga' full of lawmen, cowboys and whiskey-addled whores. A first, i'm sure. With sterling contributions from Lucky Luke's Simon Shaw and a certain King Creosote, Immigrant released his self-titled debut in spring of this year. The follow-up 'Mother Tongue' builds on this debut and is set for a nationwide release maybe as early as October. A mini-album of demos and sketches 'Son Of Immigrant' gets a Picket Fence release later in the summer. Immigrant is currently in Holland writing third album proper 'Young And Beautiful' which he hopes to record in South America early next year.